Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Russia House - Lisbon Locations


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this video together. I just returned from Lisbon and one of my "to-dos" was to capture each location on your phone camera. It was such a treat and very exciting to go on a "treasure hunt". Bailey's bar is closed, however, the tables, chairs, and bar supplies still remain. Two photos from the movie are hung on the walls and visible from the street. I was also able to locate the statue of Dom Jose, the observation patio, Barley 's apartment, MI 6 meeting location, and some of the background shots. I couldn't have done everything it without your post. Thank you. Ken Lamb USA California

Anonymous said...

David, Please forgive the typo errors in my first message. The auto type changed some of my words such as Bailey for Barley. I forgot to mention that The Russia House is one of my all time ever favorites. Ken Lamb California

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