Tuesday, 19 March 2013

First Name Yakov: Barley meets Katya to arrange meeting with Danté

Kievskaya Metro Station
Kievskaya Vokzal Square/ Europe Square


Barley and Wicklow meet Katya underground in Kievskaya Metro station. 

 The scene opens with Barley and Wicklow admiring the mosaics on the wall of the metro - it appears as if they are in some kind of art gallery...but then a metro train rolls into view and hundreds of passengers disembark the metro train and throng on to the concourse.

the next scene is in Sergeiev Posad (formerly Zagorsk) which is a town with a famous monastery to the North East of Moscow.  If Barley, Katya and Wicklow were travelling there by train, they would have left from Yaroslavl train station rather than Kievskaya station (which is above the Metro station).