Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Location List

This is the list I have compiled of the locations used in the film.  Please let me know if there are any errors or omissions you have spotted, or if you can fill in any of the blanks.    In the posts below this list, I describe in more detail each scene and the location used.  

I have found it hard to identify or verify the location of some of the interior shots used in the film.  Some have been shot on location, but I suspect that a number of the scenes might have been filmed at Pinewood Studios (CIA headquarters, SIS headquarters & "The Russia House", Bookfair party for example).  Again, if you have any information on the locations used, please let me know.

Moscow, St Basils cathedral, Red Square
Moscow, Red Square
Moscow, Manezh Square
Moscow,Hotel National, Mokhovaya Street (Book Fare filmed in St Ermin's hotel, London)
Lisbon, Palacio dos Condes Do Vimosio,  Rua Ivens
Moscow, Hotel Room
London, Foreign Office, King Charles Street, Whitehall
London, Barley's flat
Lisbon, Bar, Rua Tabac
Moscow region, Peredelkino (3 Ulitsa Pavlenko?)
Moscow region, Peredelkino, Pasternak's grave 
Lisbon, Largo Das Portas Do Sol
Lisbon, 88 Rua Das Escolas Gerias, Barleys Flat
Moscow, Progress Publishers, Zubovsky Boulevard,Garden Ring
London, Training and Safehouse - Symons Street, Knightbridge
Moscow, Hotel Ukraine
Moscow, Hotel Ukraine (outside)
Moscow, Red Square
Moscow, GUM
Moscow, Hotel National Restaurant
Moscow, Gorky Street (Tverskaya)
Moscow, Gorky Street, nr Sovietski Square
Moscow, Hospital ?
Moscow, inside Kievskaya metro station
Sergiev Posad, monastry
St Petersburg, cinema / restaurant - closed showing of Bout De Souffle (Katya's memories).
St Petersburg, apartment opposite Peter & Paul fortress (Petropavlovskaya Krepost)- Katya & Dante (Katya's memories).
Train to Leningrad, purportedly the night train to Leningrad, but looks like Yunost train.
St Petersburg, River Neva, Meteor hydrofoil & Winter palace, various scenes from St Peterburg
St Petersburg, Pribaltiskaya Hotel
St Petersburg, Lion Bridge
St Petersburg, Dom Knigi, Nevsky Prospekt
St Petersburg, Summer gardens
St Petersburg, Marsovoye Polye
St Petersburg, Palace Square, Hermitage
St Petersburg, Peter & Paul fortress island
London, Heathrow airport
London, Jazz club?
London, Russia House?
Moscow, Katya's apartment?
Canada, Bowen Island, British Columbia
London, Lambeth Bridge, Albert Embankment
Moscow, Worker and Collective farm women statue outside VDNKh (All-Russia exhibition)
Moscow, boulevard near Lyubyanka Square (Kotelnichnaya Embankment skyscraper in background)
Moscow, embankment south of the Kremlin, then Garden ring road past Vostaniye Square - Stalin skyscraper
Moscow, Kolomenskoye monastry & estate
Moscow, Katya's apartment, ulitsa Verkhnyaya Maslovka, Building 23 (behind Pretroff Palace)
Moscow, outside 1905 Metro station 
Moscow, hospital?
Moscow, Potomac-Blair party: The Reading & Writing Room, 1 Whitehall Place, London
Moscow, Barley and Katya on balcony in Hotel Rossiya
Moscow, Novospasskaya Proezd (Novospasskaya Monastry in background)
Moscow, apartment block on intersection of Novospasskaya Proezd and Krutitsky Pereulok
Moscow cemetery, Vagankovskaya cemetery? 
Lisbon, Barley Flat, Rua Das Escolas Gerias
Lisbon, docks