Sunday, 10 March 2013

Barley Interrogated by CIA

Bowen Island,
British Columbia

"I want to meet your Mr Barley, in the backroom, with the lights in his eyes". The back room for Barley's interrogation by the CIA turns out to be a more salubrious location than Russel suggests.

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Ned collects barley from heathrow airport

Heathrow Airport, London
Katya's Flat, Moscow
CIA headquarters, Langley, USA
The Russia House, London
Jazz Club, London

"I'm the brass band, the red carpet and the bunting" - Ned collects Barley from Heathrow airport, and they are seen being driven from the airport car park. 
Barley is then scene playing sax in a jazz club while a bored looking Brock (Martin Clunes) watches from the crowd.  Barley is seen playing "What is this thing called love" which continues to be played over the few short scenes which follow: Katya on the phone in her apartment (the book suggests that Barley had managed to slip in a call to Katya without the knowledge of British intelligence). Russell Sheritan (Roy Scheider) and Brady (John Mahoney) - both CIA, discussing the importance of the third notebook "it's come to Jesus time, for the hawks and the doves".

The music fades out and the scene cuts to the Russia House in London with Russell Sheritan deliberating with Clive (Michael Kitchen), Ned over the possible CIA involvement.  "a lot of highly paid favourite sons are gonna get their rice bowls broken and go hungry all account of these goddam notebooks - The Russian military effort is stalled - the American military effort is stalled; their rocket motors suck instead of blow, their ICBMs can't even get outta their kennels, their scientists can't do . . er. . solid fuel for shit! Our customers don't like to hear that!"