Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Barley meets Dante in Leningrad

"OK, were off", Barley has got three chances to make contact with Dante, who has proposed three meeting places. Lion Bridge, Dom Knigi book store, and the Summer Gardens. These are the three locations which I cover here as well as Marsovoye pole which is near the Summer Gardens. There are a number of streets, boulevards, courtyards and alleys where we see Barley walking along but I have not yet tried to identify them - as they could be virtually anywhere in central St Petersburg.

Barley crosses Lion Bridge only to be approached by a black market dealer "you want to sell me something, cigarettes, currency, scotch". "You get lost?" "That's a good idea, why don't you try it?"

Then it's off to the bookstore Dom Knigi - House of Books on St Petersburg's main shopping street and thoroughfare Nevsky Prospekt.  Here, Barley and Wicklow can be seen among the throng of shoppers; Wicklow buys a book.  No sign of Dante though.  Barley is then seen strolling with a guide book through the summer gardens with its many statuary before passing Dante who is sat on a park bench.  

Observing Ned's advice in training, "the source is the star of the show, and the star decides whether to make the meeting or abort", Barley continues walking past Dante and out of the Summer Gardens, finally stopping in Marsovoye Pole - Field of Mars.  At the eternal flame memorial to the citizens of St Petersburg who had died during the 1917 revolution (and who were buried here at that time).   Dante approaches Barley and they make contact.  As they talk, the cathedral of Christ the Saviour on the spilt blood can be seen in the background.