Thursday, 28 March 2013

Post Interrogation & Training

Recruitment: Barley's Flat

88 Ecolas Das Gerais

Ned and Walter follow Barley back to his flat.  They walk in to a trashed flat to find Barley surveying the mess and contemplating how he has "given offence" to his latest female companion - no doubt to his having gone AWOL on a bout of drinking.

“you live in a free society, you've no choice.
-any decent church would have burnt you bastards years ago ”

The flat can be seen from Largo Das Portas Do Sol - at the end of the film, Barley can be seen looking out the window of this flat from a shot taken from this vantage point.  The scene inside the flat was also shot at this location - the view of Lisbon that can be seen over Barley's shoulder as he looks out his window would be the actual view from this lcoation.  

“you're a fool to use me - I let people down

Moscow - Katya's Office

Progress Publishers
Zubovsky Boulevard

Street scene of traffic on Moscow Garden ring road outside the offices of "October Publishing" where  Michelle Pfeifer's character - Katya Orlova  - works.  The building is / was the offices of Progress Publishers on Zubovsky boulevard.  Inside the building, Katya is seen on the phone to Abercrombie & Blair, hoping to speak to Barley Blair.

While the establishing shot shows the outside of Progress Publishers, I cannot confirm that Katya's office is actually in that building.  However, a book cover on the shelf in the office clearly shows the Progress Publishers logo. I "bagged" this location back in 88, three years before the film was released, on a trip to Moscow which included a visit to the book shop here before getting back on the bus to cross the road to visit Novosti Press Agency in the building on the opposite side of the street.

Training - Symons Street, Knightsbridge, London, UK

Location: Symons Street, Knightsbridge, London, UK

“-The source is the star of the show, and the star decides whether to make the meeting or abort.- This is fun, is that why you keep it secret?”

Barley being trained in aspects of spycraft by Ned (James Fox), of British Intelligence - making contact with a source, avoiding the pitfalls of surveillance: "crowds are good, if you keep moving, open spaces are good, talking in the street is OK if you have to; never ever talk in the car or in the hotel room unless its for the benefit of their microphones, and if you've heard anything of playing the radio or turning on the tap - forget it!"

This is  street that runs alongside the Peter Jones store in Knightsbridge.  The quest to identify this scene has been a long one.  In the film, Ned is seen waiting inside the doorway of a butcher's shop, whose name is visible on the shop window - Cobb of Knightsbridge.

A search on the internet for that company will tell you that there was a butchers of that name, latterly part of the Dewhurst chain which is no more, and their last known address was Clifton Road in Maida Vale.  From a quick look on Google Streetview, it is clear that Clifton Road is not the location of this scene.  I'd almost given up trying to identify the street, when I spotted a Cobb of Knightsbridge model delivery van on Ebay.  On the van's livery, it is almost possible to read the original address - Symons Street.

As you can see from the above photo, this street has changed quite a lot over the last 20 odd years - gone are all the original shops: a dry cleaners, butchers, tile shop, wine merchant; all to be replaced by The White Company and some fashion retailers.