Saturday, 23 March 2013

Barley Makes Contact with Katya

Making Contact
Red Square & GUM


Katya and Barley get a taxi to Red Square in order to talk in a public open space (to avoid microphones).  Barley tentatively mentions that he received the manuscript.  Katya  suggests lunch but first of all needs to buy shoes – with Perestroika, she explains – there is even less in the shops than before.  There is a shipment of shoes on sale at GUM (the shopping arcade on Red Square

Here are some picture of GUM (Gosudarstveny Universalny Magazin - State Universal Store) from my trip to Russia in 2002.  These photos were taken in May - a few days before the May 9 Victory Day celebrations.  As you can see, the side of GUM facing Red Square was adorned with huge banners depicting war medals commemorating victory in the Great Patriotic War.  There were similar banners hanging from the ceiling inside GUM as well.