Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Russia House

The Russia House
MI6 headquarters
Century House
Westminster Bridge Road

Various scenes feature the interior of “The Russia House” – the department specialising in spying on the Soviet Union -  and the action in a number of the scenes cuts back frequently to the Russia House, with  MI6 staff: Ned, Clive, Walter etc, monitoring and analysing events as they unfold in Moscow.

The SIS / MI6  headquarters was located here from 1964 to 1994 before moving to its current Vauxhall Cross building.  I have not been able to confirm that the interior shots of the Russia House department were filmed here.  There is a  scene later in the film, which I think is supposed to be Clive’s office on “the fifth floor” and therefore in the same building as the Russia House – this scene was filmed in a building just off Lambeth Bridge on the Albert embankment – on the opposite side of the bridge from the current MI5 headquarters.  However, the interior shots appear to be in an older building to the one where Clive's office is.